You Have $5 Million Reasons To Feel Safe With Dallas County Adjusters, Inc.
Our four acre storage facility is monitored and taped by 30 video cameras 24 hours a day.  We also have a state of the art solar powered alarm system.  The facility features two fences.  One is a 10 foot wrought iron fence which is topped with 2 feet of barbed wire and razor edged wire, and the second is a 10 foot, high voltage electric fence.

Collateral Protection and Certification

Insurance Through an "A" Rated Insurer

We are provided a $5 million liability broad form coverage for each repossession which covers wrongful litigation from Recovery First.


All employees are insured under this plan.


We have a total of $9 million in bond protection which covers you the lien holder. This is provided by three national recovery associations as well as an "A" Rated Insurance Company. We are members in good standing with American Recovery Association, National Finance Adjusters, Time Finance Adjusters, California Association of Licensed Recovery Agents, and Allied Finance Adjusters.


We are recognized as a Certified Collateral Recovery Specialist having successfully completed the C.A.R.S. National Certification Program.



All wreckers are currently registered through the Texas Department of Transportation and hold all permits and licenses required by the state. DOT# 005245701C.

Our storage facility is also licensed and state approved. License #: 0519572VSF.

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